Underground BBQ Challenge pits neighborhood versus neighborhood, all in the name of home turf pride and extreme eats. Guided by Chef G. Garvin, we'll cross the country to find America's most extreme grill masters.


Parole Diaries follows nine dedicated parole officers of the Indiana Department of Correction around the clock in their everyday duties. From their desks riddled with necessary paperwork, to field work which often requires they be armed and outfitted in a bullet-proof vest – these agents must be prepared for the unexpected at all times. Viewers will also meet the parolees these officers are dedicated to serve – from the moment they first meet their parole officer, through random drug tests, several evaluations, to surprise home visits – we see the struggles these men and women face to earn a second chance. One wrong move and they can be sent back to prison.


The great American road trip meets the modern era as photojournalist and blogger Matt Hranek (The William Brown Project) hits the road in search of people, places and objects that embody the timeless American spirit. As Matt crosses the country, his curiosity and passion propel him to places and expose him to people and things that most would never encounter. View more about Alternate Route.


In the heart of America, on a deadly inland sea that has claimed as many as 6,000 vessels and 30,000 lives, a way of life exists that few ever witness. Men who breathe diesel fumes and watch every step they take on shifting decks. Men who battle the elements, wrestle with runaway vessels, fight fatigue and sometimes risk all in the struggle to make a living.  They are tugboat men, sailors in constant combat with the deadly storms and hazards of the Great Lakes. For some, it's part of their family heritage. For others, it's a lifelong dream. But for all of the Great Lake Warriors, it's a life-on-the-line mission to get the job done and make it back home alive.




How much screen time does your favorite actor need to completely burn himself into your memory? When most people think of Glengarry Glen Ross, they think of Alec Baldwin who spends no more than 5 minutes on screen. This week, we discuss one-scene wonders--those actors and actresses who step into a movie, dominate or change it irreversibly, then step out. You can read the original full-length Inventory here. It's called "Little more than a cameo," which is a reference to what '90s alt-rock song? First correct answer wins a Cadillac. Second, a set of steak knives.


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Inventory is the A.V Club's weekly column of obsessively-specific pop-culture lists.  It is also a new web-series I produced and edited.

A surge of criminal activity on the streets of a once peaceful city causes chaos and overcrowding in Spokane County Jail. Accused murderers, rapists, and the mentally ill outnumber staff four to one. To even the odds, many detainees are kept under strict supervision by a specialized group of officers. They are known as the Correction Response Team, or CRT. As addicts, gang-bangers, and murderers continuously stream thorough the gates of Spokane County Jail, Sergeant Smith and CRT stand determined to provide safety and security for everyone.



High above the Arctic Circle in Canada's Northwest Territories, winter brings temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees. But to residents here, the brutal cold is a blessing in disguise. It transforms dozens of rivers, lakes, and oceans into frozen highways, linking remote villages to the outside world. But, driving on ice isn't without its dangers. In this episode of Perilous Journey, Marsh Mokhtari travels on one ice road to the northernmost village on the Canadian mainland. On this road, countless drivers have fallen through weak ice and met their death in a watery grave. The stakes are high, so Marsh must combine his modern technology with survival techniques taught by indigenous people along the way. If the ice holds, Marsh just might make it to his destination… the edge of the world.

San Francisco attracts a unique group of runaways with its diversity and hippy culture. Teens from all over the country see it as a city where they can't be judged. Whether they come from broken homes, have a substance abuse problem, or even a minor scuffle with the law many runaways often think their only option is to take to the streets.  Some have given up on society and are happy drinking their lives away while others are learning lessons on the road that could put a stop to their dangerous lifestyle.